Military Applications

Military UET training facilities operate at higher levels of fidelity and complexity than their oil & gas counterparts. The integration of training programs, technology and environmental effects must take into consideration the military’s operational specialties and complexities.

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Military helicopters have more complex internal and external design features due to their mission profiles that require aircraft specific elements to be incorporated into training delivery and simulator design.

The mission and/or operational profile of military helicopters can involve operating over water for longer periods of time and in adverse environmental or sea state conditions (e.g. Search And Rescue (SAR), Anti-Submarine Warfare).

The mission and/or operational profile of the military personnel on board the helicopter is specialized (e.g. Special Forces).

Underwater Egress Training Simulators

The underwater egress simulator is a specialized training device manufactured and used by SSTL to facilitate helicopter underwater egress procedures to aircrews and passengers.

Simulators are designed and used in training applications to replicate the airframe and interior configuration of a wide range of helicopters to prevent loss of life in a survivable ditching.

The next generation in military underwater egress training simulators, designed to replicate mid and large airframe helicopter types, are configured with seating, functional workstations, emergency exits (doors and windows) along with external features such as sponsons, skids and rear ramps.

SSTL has worked closely with helicopter manufacturers to address human factors engineering and integration analysis for underwater Egress considerations in the design of helicopters.


The underwater egress training simulator is able to be reconfigured into different helicopter and fixed wing aircraft fuselage sizes.

All windows, doors, hatches and emergency exits function exactly like those in the aircraft so that the training delegate will be taught the same techniques and develop the required muscle memory to move to, jettison and egress the aircraft as they would do in the actual aircraft. The interior of the simulator is configured as an operational aircraft with the same workstations or seating arrangement so that the training delegate is positioned in a location, which represents their aircrew or passenger position.


We provide specialized military aircraft configurations for military training applications. Operational helicopter hoists can be affixed to the underwater egress trainer with mounting and power supply solutions to facilitate search & rescue training.


We design and manufacture customized simulators for specialized underwater emergency egress training applications:

  • Mobile training delivery (do not require an overhead lifting device)
  • Attack Helicopter (AH-1Z Viper)
  • Fast Rescue Boat – capsize training
  • HMMWV (Humvee) vehicle rollover
  • Large Haul (dump) Truck vehicle rollover


SSTL provides jib, fixed (monorail) and cross-gantry lifting solutions for UET training and operations to optimize the best unit to meet the specific duties and specifications required by your application and in accordance with several third-party rating organizations.

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Facility Design & Site Assessment Services

SSTL conducts site assessments for military water-based training facilities looking to incorporate environmental effects solutions into training delivery capabilities.

We utilize our staff’s technical experience in consulting, design and implementation of environmental and special effects systems (wind, waves, rain, thunder, lightning, fog) into planned or legacy facilities with training tanks (pools) where there is a requirement to enhance the fidelity of training programs or real-world experiences in a simulated harsh weather (ocean) environment.

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  • Design

  • Implement


SSTL’s Marine Aviation Survival Training (MAST) facility showcases the range of exportable facility concepts, products and services, either in whole or in part. This revolutionary training facility, designed primarily for use in water survival and underwater egress training for the aviation and defence sectors, is anchored by a (25m length X 14m width X 5m depth) pool with extreme environmental effects. The MAST facility is able to create the ultimate practical training experience in simulated real-world conditions for personnel working in harsh or high-risk conditions.

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Environmental Effects & Training Technology


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